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Facebook Ads: Top 8 mistakes that will ruin your Facebook ads account

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Facebook ads is the number#1 advertising platform and is a big boon for every internet marketer. While running Facebook ads, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind before starting a campaign. If you don’t follow the rules, then you will end up getting your Facebook ads account banned permanently, and will make a huge set back on your business. In this article, I am going to give you the top 8 mistakes that you should avoid while running ads.

Stop Using a fake profile

If you are using a fake profile to run your Facebook ads then you need to stop it immediately. This is a big red flag for Facebook. Facebook will immediately terminate your account if they get to know about this. If you already have a Facebook account then use the same. But don’t create another one. According to Facebook, one user account per person is the rule. But still, if you want to use a second profile(fake profile) then be sure to give a different mobile number, and also interchange your first name and last name.

Example: – if the original profile name is John Doe then your second profile should be something like John D or Doe J. I strong would not recommend you doing this because this will lead Facebook to permanently ban both of your profile.

However, if you don’t have a Facebook profile, then while creating, be sure to give all the details, and also add some pictures of yourself, to look it more authentic before you prepare for running a Facebook ads campaign or creating a Facebook business profile.

Warmup your Facebook profile

Before you plan to run a campaign, it is very much important to warm up your Facebook profile if it is new or if you haven’t done any activity on your profile for the past few months. How to warmup? it is simple, post something on your wall, timeline daily, or every two days. Comment on the groups (Not spamming). Show facebook that you are a real user of Facebook.

No Spamming

I have seen many people go to different groups and spam people with their affiliate links. For every post, they simply comment with their affiliate link which is a big red flag. Also do not send spammy bulk links on messenger.

Have a good credit score

When I say credit score, what I mean is not your credit card score, but about your Facebook ads account score. If you have any outstanding balance which you haven’t paid yet then make sure to pay them on time or clear all your unpaid dues. Facebook allows only genuine marketers to user their advertising platform.

Remember that having a Facebook ads account is really really important for your online business so take care of it with utmost importance.

Warmup your Facebook ads account

This is the first crucial step that should be performed before actually running your campaign. Let us first see what is warm up in facebook ads ?

“Warmup means to get Facebook to know that you are a real and loyal customer who wants to advertise the product to an audience by following the Facebook ads policies.” So how do you get Facebook to know this? Simply run a Facebook ads campaign without providing any link and adhering to the policies. How to do that? the easiest and cheapest method is to run a Facebook page link campaign by spending 3$ to 5$ per day for at least minimum 7 days.

In this way you let Facebook know that you are a genuine customer and you are ready to spend some money to facebook ads.

facebook ads

I spend 25$ to get 1000 likes. If you have a new Facebook ads account then you should run your page like campaign for 7 days and if you are already have one but haven’t used it for one month or so, then you have to run your campaign for 1 or 2 days just to be safe. Also, make sure you fill all the details inside your Facebook page with cover photo. once the profile is ready then add 1 or 2 posts.

My page like campaign ad copy.

Here you can clearly see that I have not given any links. This is just saying that “if you would like to get updates, stay connected with me”. Indirectly I am saying follow my page. Alright, so that’s what you have to do. just warmup for 7 days.

After warmup, it is also good to boost your post by paying 1$ (this is optional)

Tip- target worldwide to get likes for cheap rates.

Do Not promote affiliate links without cloaking

Link cloaking is very important. If you are promoting an affiliate product then you have to cloak your link. What is link cloaking? Simply shorten the long and spammy looking like to small and smart links by giving custom domain name and alias so that it does not look like an affiliate link. You can use our own service i-URL.me to shorten and cloak the links.

Example : if you are promoting a clickbank product using facebook ads then see the below image how the long URL is shorten.

Use your own domain and cloak affiliate links easily

Checkout this article why Shortening of URL is very important for any online business and its 6 unknown features

Do Not use direct affiliate links to offer.

This step is very important. Do not send offers directly from facebook ads to the affiliate product. (even if the url is cloked).This is one good reason for facebook ads team to ban an account. Always use a bridge page.

facebook ads
Facebook Ads: Top 8 mistakes that will ruin your Facebook ads account facebook ads

The above image (click bank is just an example) shows how your affiliate product can be advertised on FB ads platform using a bridge page.

You can create a FREE landing page / bridge page using Groovefunnels.

Also, learn the top 20 features of groovefunnels and how it is the best all-in-one marketing suite in the current market

If you are directly selling your own product or services or promoting your website, then you don’t need a bridge page. you can directly link the URL to your page.

Adhere to Facebook ads policies before approval

This is very important. Having strong copywriting skills will not help in getting approval for your ads. You will have to make sure twice or thrice that your ad copy adheres to Facebook ads policies. Say for example:- if you are selling a diet product, then in your ads copy if you say “Do you want to lose weight in 10 days?” This is a big red flag. Do you know why? because according to Facebook ads policy you are using the words “you” and “10 days”. Here you are directly pointing to someone and also you are making a claim of 10 days. Both of these are not allowed.

check the Facebook ad policies here and also learn how to rewrite the ads copy.

Pro Tip

Create two Facebook ad accounts

This is a pro tip. Go to your Facebook business profile and you have an option to create multiple Facebook ads account. Once you warm up your first Facebook ads account, immediately create another account within your same business manage account so that it will be safe to use the second one, in case Facebook bans the first ads account.


Facebook ads platform has played an important role in the success of many marketers to make 7, 8 & 9 figures income and also helped many internet marketers to achieve their goals quickly through paid traffic. It is one of the best advertising platforms on the internet and thus day by day Facebook ads policy becomes tough.

If you follow the above points then your Facebook ads account will never be banned and you can always be a good and loyal customer to Facebook and can achieve your results. If you have any doubts, please comment below.

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