Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.

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Rank Math, one of the popular tools in the market which is used by millions of people to dominate the search results using the Rank Math WordPress plugin. In this article, we will do a complete Rank Math SEO Plugin Review. So stay tuned.

In the world of dynamic digital marketing endeavors, SEO is probably one of the most significant aspects. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is critical if you want to rank your site higher on the major SERPs and get as much traffic as possible. Having better visibility means boosting your conversion rates and getting more revenue or more organic traffic.

However, to achieve all this, you must do your SEO right, and to do your SEO right, coordinating all the different aspects can be challenging. That’s when the WordPress SEO plugins come into the big picture.

There are several plugins to choose from, but Rank Math, in particular, is winning the hearts of everyone because of all the good reasons. The popular SEO plugin is one of the best premium tools in the market that surpasses all the other SEO wordpress plugins. Why? Let’s find out!

Overview of Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin is Ideal for

  • Bloggers
  • Artists & Photographers
  • Local Business and Real estates
  • Solution offerer, freelancers, and & any websites
  • eCommerce stores & Niches sites

Top Benefits of Rank Math

  • AI integrated SEO writing assistant for all posts and pages inside WordPress
  • One-click integration with Google Analytics and Google Adsense.
  • In-depth analytics of the post/page performance
  • Keyword position tracking’s
  • Dedicated schema for FAQ, video, image, and articles
  • Instant indexing on Google, Bing, and other search engines
  • Analytics showed on WordPress dashboard
  • Continuous 404 monitoring & redirections
  • Site audit and directions to fix them
  • Outstanding support 24/7 with response time less than 2 hours.
  • Number#1 SEO WordPress plugin in the current market.
  • Free and Premium plans available.

Introduced in the year 2018, Rank math was founded by Bhanu Ahluwalia, which is now the top WordPress SEO plugin in the planet. It gives the user access to tools that can optimize the content for search engines. 

The plugin offers the user a score for each page on their site. The score represents the SEO level and then using tips and actionable devices, the user can improve the score, which can lead to better SEO rankings. 

As Rank Math scores the content on the sites by considering over 100 factors, it proves to be an incredibly effective plugin for propelling the content for better crawling, indexing, and ranking. 

Rank Math competes with other SEO plugins such as yoast SEO, All-In-One SEO etc.

Rank Math Interface

Due to its easy-to-use, seamless interface and robust SEO features, the plugin had more than 800,000 active installs in a small fraction of time. The clean and simple interface might be everything a user might need for SEO tweaks on their website. The Meta box appears on the right side of the editor, and so users can access it by clicking on the score that appears on the top right corner of the screen.

rank math interface
Rank Math Inteface inside the wordpress post

You can see the above image, where Rank Math clearly shows a low score and gives the errors and let the user know to fix them to increase the score. In this way, Rank Math will guide you to get the desired results.

Rank Math has a visually stunning interface that feels and looks appealing and provides a commendable user experience. Not only is the dashboard modern and effortlessly designed, but the interface is also smooth enough to make SEO fun. 

rank math dashboard
Rank Math Dashboard

There are two modes for the interface known as easy and advanced. The easy one is for those who want the Rank Math to do all the work, and they don’t have to do anything with the plugin settings. On the other hand, the advanced one is for those who want complete control over their website SEO, so most professionals use this interface. 

Features of Rank Math

There are several features that Rank Math has to offer. It is faster, intuitive, and more accessible than other plugins. Some key features that set Rank Math apart from other plugins are:

  • Schema Mark-up Support and Better rick snippets
  • Broken Link checker and 404 Error Monitor
  • Redirections
  • Robots.txt Editing
  • Click Through Rank Tracking and Google Keyword suggestions, and keyword integration
  • Automatic SEO Optimizer
  • 1-click SEO audit
  • WordPress Breadcrumbs
  • Role Manager
  • Modular framework
  • AMP Support and advanced, new custom fields

Easy one click- Setup Process

After the installation of Rank Math plugin, you can easily configure the entire settings with just one clicks. The entire setup process will take less than 3 mins.

Select the type of installation

To get started with the installation, you just need to select the type of installation of your choice. I always recommend to select Advanced. With this you can control all the major SEO settings for your website.

image 14 Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Basic site & logo setup

Once you start the wizard, then select the site type, logo and default social image. You can easily design this with help of Canva for free.

image 16 Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Integrate Rank Math with Google Analytics.

rank math google analytics Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

This is one of the best features of Rank Math and I like this a lot. Configuring Google Analytics requires some technical knowledge and it is tedious to set up. Because some patience is required.

Rank Math does this google integration job very easy. Within just 1 second, Rank Math will connect to your Google Analytics API and fetches all the required data include the google AdSense do the configuration automatically.

With help of this Rank Math and Google Analytics integration, you can see all the traffic flow from the Rank Math dashboard with the keyword tracking feature.

Integrate with Sitemaps

rank math sitemap Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

The next step is to configure the sitemap. A site map is nothing but the heart of your website. Sitemap has the complete blueprint of your website and you need to configure them to let the search engine crawl the necessary sitemaps to rank your posts on search engines.

There are different types of site maps that servers different purposes like news sitemap, video sitemap, post sitemap etc.

SEO Tweaks Optimization

image 17 Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Let Rank Math do the basic SEO tweaks for your websites. I recommend you to enable all of them as shown in the picture.

And Ready to Go.

Now all the basic configurations has been set in just less than 3 mins.

image 18 Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features. Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Using the Rank Math Configuration Wizard is relatively easy. A user has to follow the 5-step process to finish the initial plugin setup. For one, they have to use the Rank Math setup wizard by connecting to their account. 

This is what makes Rank Math so popular. The SEO friendliness. There is no complicated setup of boring documents. All setup can be done with just a click on a button.

Content readability and SEO analysis 

Once you open a page on your site, you can access the user interface for content readability analysis located on the right side of the General Tab. 

image 19 Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.

As soon as the content is added to the post, the plugin analyses it. It offers suggestions to improve the content for different factors like paragraph length, images, videos, and table of contents.
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Unique 5 Rank Math focus keyword optimization

In the Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin, you can get the option to assign a maximum of 5 keywords for optimization. Rank Math enables automatic keyword suggestions, and it helps you to optimize the content for added keywords. The optimization includes increasing the density of the keyword, using it in subheadings, and more.

rank math focus keyword Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.

The Meta, title, and permalink setup work just fine, and they show the preview of the snippets for both desktop and mobile.

Image SEO

Gone are the days when your site used to buffer and the images used to load slowly because now, with Rank Math, you can do Image SEO and improve the images on your site to automatically set alt and title tags.

Rank tracker

This is one of the highlighting features integrated with Rank Math. It helps the users to keep track of their website for SEO. Based on the keywords for which your site has ranked, you can easily use the rank tracker and determine where you stand on the major SERPs.

The Rank Tracker can be easily accessed from the WordPress dashboard by clicking on the Rank Math option in the Analytics under the Rank Tracker tab.

Google Analytics integration 

rank math analytics Rank Math SEO Plugin Review: Top 10 Outstanding features.
Rank Math dashboard

Apart from the Google trend and keyword comparison, Rank Math offers Google Analytics as well. So you can add the tracking code and view information about your site without any setbacks.

Integrated search console

In Rank Math, one can connect their site to Google Search Console to automatically submit sitemaps. It can also help users view Search Console analytics inside the WordPress dashboard and boost their site rankings organically.

Knowledge graph Metadata

Knowledge graphs represent a collection of interlinked entities or descriptions that are arranged in the form of data. The graphs are responsible for structuring data in context through semantic metadata and linking to offer a blueprint of unification, data integration, sharing, and analytics.

To add knowledge graph metadata to the local SEO and social metadata in Rank Math, users have to follow the below-mentioned process:

Rank Math > Titles & Meta > Local SEO/Social Meta.

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XML Sitemaps

If you are familiar with search engine result pages, then you are probably aware of XML Sitemaps. Sitemaps are an essential part of every website when it is about indexing. Without the sitemaps, there’s an excellent chance that Google will miss adding some of your content and never index it.

However, to be on the safe side, Rank Math SEO generates the sitemap for your site automatically. It generates a custom sitemap once the respective post types are available on your website. The sitemaps generated by Rank Math are more easily customized than any other SEO plugins, so it’s better to go for Rank Math.

Schema generator

The schema generator in Rank Math allows the users to insert details about any, local business, event, product, organization, or website to craft a block of code to paste within the HTML code of your website.

The schema generator is available only in the premium version, and it is transparent and easy to use. In a nutshell, once enabled, the Schema Generator will facilitate Rank Math to add the appropriate mark-up to the post and inform Google about where it must pick the text to speak to the user. The feature is seamlessly straightforward and ideal for website holders of all types.

Advanced 404 monitor

The advanced 404 error checker in Rank Math has two modes: simple and advanced. While the simple model is meant to capture the 404 errors in WordPress, the advanced mode tracks the error page, the time of the error, the referring page, and the user agent.

The 404 support in Yoast is made, and the free version of their plugin has no such feature, whereas Rank Math allows you to sort and redirect or fix the error in their free version.

Local SEO optimization

Using Rank Math, websites can optimize their listings and improve the search results for their business. Users can optimize their site for a specific location and that too for free and get more traffic that can help them to extend their profit margins without any setbacks.

24*7 customer service

Another incredible feature of Rank Math is its best-in-class customer service. When any issues arise, when there are difficulties regarding configuration, or when users face any bugs related to the plugin, users can reach the around-the-clock customer service of Rank Math. They can help the users with all the necessary information.

From my personal experience, Rank Math support has answered all my queries, and also, the support team has gone one step ahead by helping me in resolving/answering queries that are out of the Rank Math plugin topic. The best support team ever.

Rank Math – Free VS Premium

There are numerous features on the Rank Math free version. However, the premium version offers multiple additional features, and it can be used for:

  • Unlimited access for Personal websites and as a support for client websites
  • Keyword rank tracker functionality
  • Integration with the Google trends
  • Advanced settings for local SEO optimization
  • Powerful schema generator
  • 24/7 support, and much more.
  • Tools for WooCommerce SEO

Rank Math Pricing

Rank Math has a free version and currently, there are two plans offered by Rank Math for the premium versions. The Rank Math Pro plan costs 59$ per year(special launch offer), and it can be used on unlimited access for personal websites, and it can track up to 1,000 keywords.

The business plan costs 199 dollars(special launch offer), it can be used for unlimited personal and client websites, and it can track up to 20,00 keywords.

Rank Math vs. Yoast SEO

If you compare the two, then Rank Math is better in performance, results, and SEO. Rank Math delivers a greater set of features than Yoast SEO, and as the plugin is three times smaller than Yoast SEO, there are three times fewer lines of code.

Your website will thus have an advantageous edge from fewer PHP requests, and eventually, your website will be swifter. Besides, Rank Math has a more modern user interface, it offers instant indexing, and it provides all of its features for free while the same features cost a fortune on Yoast.

Rank Math vs. AllInOne SEO

The user interface of Rank Math bears an uncanny similarity to AllInOne SEO, and the keyword analysis also has some similarities. Both the plugins have similar techniques and results, but Rank Math has a more stringent scoring system that allows better content analysis for better ranking.

Rank Math vs. Smartcrawl

The plan provided by Rank Math is better than Smartcrawl. The former plugin is an easier option to set up, and the features in Rank Math are better as well. So the final verdict is inclining towards Rank Math.

Why is Rank Math best among all plugins?

Rank Math is the best among all the plugins because it is designed to be used by local and global websites.

With the local SEO features, sites can stand out in the search engine result pages and attract more traffic, whereas the global SEO aspect can help sites boost their reach.

Rank Math can display the SEO-optimized breadcrumbs on all the websites even though the theme doesn’t support Schema.org coding.

Is Rank Math Safe?

Yes, it is. Rank Math is thoroughly checked for system vulnerabilities, and it truly gives the user complete control over their entire website’s technical and on-page SEO.

What is Pillar Content in Rank Math?

Pillar content is a feature of Rank Math that is used for posts. It is an advanced piece of content crafted to answer fundamental, new, and old questions that are usually asked for being relevant.

Is Rank Math free?

Rank Math has both FREE and Premium plans. If you are a beginner and is on a budget, then the Rank Math FREE plugin is best to use as it provides many premium features. So check out what it has to offer and improve your SEO using Rank Math.

How do I download Rank Math?

Create a free account with Rank Math or log in if you already have one. Once you signed in successfully, a download button will appear in your dashboard.


Writing articles can be quite easy. But writing an SEO optimized article that ranks on a search engine can be a little challenging. You need to either be a SEO expert or you need a SEO writing assistant like Rank Math.

All you need to do is just write an article, and the Rank Math SEO plugin will do its job assisting you to write an SEO-friendly article that ranks. To drive revenues and to grow ahead of your growth curve, Rank Math can be an excellent option.

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