SEMrush Review 2021

SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed

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With SEMrush you can easily

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  • Grow your online visibility. From just one platform
  • Make Your Business Visible – Boost Your Local Rankings
  • SEO made easy! Audit your site, discover backlink opportunities and ways to grow
  • Analyze and discover your competitor’s SEO & PPC strategies with SEMrush
  • Track daily where do you rank in Google

SEMrush Review 2021

SEMrush SEO tool, you might have heard about this popular tool that is dominating the SEO market for many years. For any business, whether it is a blog, eCommerce, SAAS, or a local store, SEO is really really important. Day by day the competition is getting really tough where everyone is in a race to rank their website on Google.

Being a business person you must have been thought once about how can you grow your business?

What all can be done to make you stand out against your competitor?

If you have been juggling with these then rather than wasting time, you should think of the step where you can grow organically.

At present every business is making use of SEMrush after going with the free trial experiencing the benefits and understanding the importance and how it can help to grow the business.

It helps you to keep an eye on your competitors and will provide you the gaps and where you have to improve. It is one of the powerful marketing tools in the market.

Improve Ranking Over Web

Although there are n number of marketing strategies to boost your business but are you looking to put your website over SERP?

Monetizing your website is a necessity and this will make you develop your business and growth.

It was seen where people were heading towards the SEMrush because they understand how important the tool is.

There are lot many importance and features that can be obtained with the help of SEMrush. So look down what all benefits it has to offer you.

What Is SEMrush?

To understand the importance and how can it be used, it is very essential to know at first what exactly SEMrush is?

SEMrush is one of the powerful tools in the market that helps you to do complete SEO audit of your website, and also helps you to find your competitors in your niche and provides in-depth details of the gap and improvements to beat them.

If you are running a business and want to know what all necessary things are missing you to rank, then you can.

SEO is one of the techniques that allow a particular business to make its presence over the web.

Different techniques can be performed, but to make it 100% and stay ahead of the competition, you can make use of SEMrush.

It is one of the tools that help to improve online visibility along with the analysis of insights into the market.

Also it helps the companies to run different digital marketing strategies while giving fruitful result.

What is SEMrush ?

About SEMrush

There is a person behind every invention and so with SEMrush.

The founder and the CEO of SEMrush is Oleg Shchegolev, he stated that his mission was to revolutionize and conquer the industry.

With this let us explore what all features does SEMrush has?

Some of the popular competitors to SEMrush are aHREF, Ubersuggest, MOZ, etc.

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Top Outstanding Features of SEMrush

Keyword Research Tools

SEMrush Keyword Research

No matter you are a beginner or a pro in your niche. Keyword Research is always the first step when it comes to writing a blog post, or review articles. Day by day millions of articles are getting published and to outperform your competitors is to do proper research.

Using keyword Research feature of SEMrush, it provides the following features

Keyword Overview

Enter the keyword that you want to target to rank for.

SEMrush keyword overview

When a keyword is searched, SEMrush immediately provides a detailed report about that keyword.

SEMrush keyword overview
SEMrush Keyword Overview

In the above image, I have searched for the keyword “SEMrush Review” targeting USA location to know the keyword overview. You can see how SEMrush has provided detailed information like search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, global search volume and different keyword variations, related keywords and trends.

As shown in picture, the second grid shows three different columns.

Keyword Variations-

I have typed SEMrush Review but the tool gave me different variations / phrases that users are searching in the specific region along with the search volume. You can use these keywords in your blog posts.


What questions are relevant to that search them. SEMrush provides you questions that are being asked based on your keyword, so that you can add them to your FAQ list which helps in ranking for certain questions.

Related Keywords-

A list of keywords that are related to your keyword.

SERP Analysis
SEMrush SERP Analysis

SEMrush does a SERP Analysis and lists down the top 10 (up to 100) search results which are ranking for the searched keyword and provide information likes Top performing websites (these are the top competitors for the selected region) and the number of referring domains, backlinks, and search traffic and URL keywords.

Organic Research

SEMrush does a deep analysis of your competitor’s website and gives a complete list of keywords and pages that rank organically in the search results. With help of this feature, you can discover the best keywords for your niche and win the search results and beat your competitors.

Note:- Above I have given the keyword “SEMrush Review” and the tool provided the SERP details the competitors that are performing top in the search results. I have clicked on the search results which will give me complete details as shown below.

Overview of the competitor

SEMrush organic research overview

SEMrush provides the overview of the competitors (as shown above) by keywords complete details like total number of keywords it ranks for, total traffic for the targeted keyword, traffic costs and trends.

Top Organic Keywords & Top Position Changes

SEMrush review
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

Top Pages, Top Subdomains, and Reveals your main competitors for the particular keywords

SEMrush review
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

Also it SEMrush tool shows the competitors Top performing pages, Top subdomains, and main Organic competitors for that targeted keyword.

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic Tool is one of the main features provided by SEMrush. SEMrush has around 20 Billion keywords in its database. It provides keyword suggestions based on broad match, phrase match, exact math, and related matches. Based on the selection, SEMrush provides the search volume and is trend along with keyword difficulty (as shown in the below image).

SEMrush keyword magic tool
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

SEMrush Keyword Gap

SEMrush’s keyword Gap feature will compare the keywords from your competitors domains and finds out the gap where you need to build them to improve the ranking.

SEMrush keyword gap
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

SEMrush Keyword Manager

This feature will help you to store up to 1000 keywords in the list and track its SERP changes.

Organic Insights

This feature will track your organic growth once you add your project inside SEMRush

Technical SEO Tools to Audit Your Website

On-page SEO

SEMrush has this awesome feature of auditing On-Page SEO. It is really expensive to hire a freelancer or a technical person to do an audit on your website and provide suggestions and solutions. You will have to pay somewhere around 100$ to 200$ to get an in-depth detailed analysis.

SEMrush provides this feature for absolutely free. You can create a free account and can perform a free site audit. (No credit card required) . SEMrushs On-Page SEO audits your website pages and provides ideas to improve their health and SEO performance along with the current score.

Using On-Page SEO feature, you can easily do:

SEMrush site audit

Click here to create a free account


SEMrush’s On-Page SEO checker tool will provide a detailed list of ideas to improve the ranks of your website pages. The complete list will come in your email inbox. Also graphical representations can be seen in the dashboard. This tool will help your site healthier.

Log File Analyzer

SEMrush’s log file analyzer will access the logs and will provide a clear picture of how a Google crawler interacts with your website. This will help you tackle any issues and find new ideas for managing. This tool will provide detailed analysis of the crawler with status codes and pie charts in your dashboard.

SEMrush Competitor Analysis

Now with SEMrush’s Competitor Analysis tools, you can spy every aspect of your competitors like traffic, marketing strategies, keywords ranking, backlinks, SEO, advertising, contents, pages, social media performance etc.

Using this feature you can easily perform:

Traffic Analytics

Complete analysis about your website versus your competitors traffic. Reveal your competitors or potential partners’ website traffic. This will help you to scale your business based on it.

SEMrush traffic analytics

Organic Research

Explore your search competitors who rank organically in search engines. and also find the best possible ways to compete against them. Find the exact keywords and locations they are ranking for and fill the gaps to outperform your competitors.

SEMrush organic research
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

Advertising Research

This is one of the best features of SEMrush. You can even uncover your competitors ads. Isn’t it amazing? Now find out their search ads and deep dive into their paid search strategies and plan your campaigns to out perform them.

Using SEMrush’s Advertising research, you can easily Monitor competitors Ads Copy, view landing pages,s and many more. You can easily launch your campaign by spying on their performance.

Brand Monitoring

One of the awesome features from SEMrush. If you have a brand, then you know how important it is to make sure the brand name is not misused. Using this brand monitoring tool, you can easily do the work of a brand manager without hiring them. You can easily track online mentions of your competitors’ or your own brand name and products. This will help you to keep control of your reputation online.

Social Media Tool Kit

Using this feature, you can keep an eye on your competitors social media profiles. Also, you can post your content in any social media platforms and also can schedule your social media content. SEMrush also gives an option to manage facebook ads and track your competition and get detailed analytics.

SEmrush social media tool kit
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

Content Marketing

If you are a blogger or an article writing, this content marketing tool will become much handy for you. Writing an article is easy, but writing an article with SEO enriched and optimized and also can rank is not that easy. Below are the points on how SEMrush’s content marketing tool can help you to create content that everyone likes to read and can rank on search engines.

Using this feature, you can easily do:

Topic Research

SEMrush’s topic research tool helps you to discover dozens of content ideas based on your keyword related to any niche. It helps you to find popular topics, headlines, frequently asked questions, and the keywords that can be used to rank the post. This will help you to create a solid content plan.

SEMrush topic research
SEMrush Review 2021: Is SEMrush really worth it? Top Outstanding features reviewed semrush review

Marketing Calendar

This will help you if you have a team. With help of marketing calendar feature, You can easily manage your content and marketing campaigns in one place. Easily collaborate with your team members and track your work campaign performance easily.

SEO Content Template

Easily generate a template for SEO-optimized content focused on your target keywords. Get custom SEO recommendations based on your top 10 competitors ranking for your keyword in Google search in a specific region.

SEO Writing Assistant

Another awesome feature from SEMRush. You can easily write an article with help of an SEO writing assistant. This is an AI. This assistant will optimize your content on the go as you write based on your top competitors in Google rankings. Also, this will check the SEO friendliness and readability. Some of the other features are:

  • Enrich your text with recommended keywords
  • Make sure you don’t overuse certain keywords or stuff keywords
  • Take care of alt attributes
  • Ensure your links are not broken
  • Checks the content readability score
  • Get recommendation on word count
  • Optimize your title
  • Plagiarism checker

Post Tracking

Once the content is ready and published, then your next job is to monitor its performance. SEMrush Post Tracking feature will do that job for you. It will monitor the performance of the articles published on external sources. Also, it track social engagement metrics, backlink count, referral traffic and daily keyword rankings.

Content Audit

Auditing the content is very important. SEMrush content audit feature will do an audit of the pages/posts and will come up with a matrix whether you need to rewrite the content or remove the content or keep it as it is.

Local SEO

If you are someone who runs a business locally but no one in your area knows about it, then you are losing your business and time. Now take your local business to next level with a perfect local SEO strategy! Get everyone to know about your services, boost your website traffic and get more customers, and track your growth.

Using Local SEO feature in SEMrush you can easily do:

Listing Management

This will help you to publish your business data automatically distributed to the most authoritative directories. Monitor the review across multiple directories. Also, learn what your customers think about your product and check their reviews. You can see all the available reviews of a particular listing.

Position Tracking

Keep track of your search engine rankings and also compare them with your competitors and discover new opportunities.

On Page SEO Checker & Social Media Toolkit

This we have already covered in the above section.

SERP Rank Tracking Tools

Using SEMrush’s SERP tracking tools, monitor the performance of your website on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages and explore new opportunities to improve your online presence with Semrush.

Position Tracking

We have already discussed about this above.


All search engines rank the websites based on an algorithm that no one knows. Industry experts say that Google changes its algorithm 10 times in a day. But there can be some major updates in the algorithms like penguin & hummingbird algorithm updates which can make a drastic changes in the search results. Websites that were ranking at first page of google can go down and vice versa.

What sensor does it , it keeps an eye on all the algorithm changes across various search engines and detects the fluctuations and get you notified. with this way you will be able to understand the changes and take necessary actions and its an opportunity to out perform your competitors.


We have already covered this topic above. SEMrush closely monitors the keyword rankings and any changes in the ranking positions are notified.

Backlinks, One of the main ranking factor in search engines. Using backlink analysis tools, audit your backlinks, and track your progress. This is very important. Having backlink from a spam site can hurt your SEO score. So it is very important to keep a track of your progress.

Using this tool you can perform a backlink audit. Save your website from penalties. Backlink Audit is an awesome tool that lets you check whether malicious or spam or illegal websites have links to yours, and remove or disavow them. Very very important feature.

Also, this will help you to find new and lost domains

SEmrush backlink audit tool
backlink analytics overview

Your competitors might be raking higher because they have a solid link building strategy. Why not you do the same if you have a feature link this in SEMrush? Using backlink analytics, you can analyze any websites backlinks and you can find new opportunities if any of the backlinks are discovered lost.

Get solid information on all referring domains, anchor texts and IP distribution.

backlink analytics

SEMrush Academy

I feel extreme joy while talking about SEMrush academy.

SEMrush Academy provides a FREE academy certification program. You can enroll and learn the stuff for absolutely free and get certified. Isn’t it crazy? SEO is dominating day by day and it is one of the highest paying jobs on the planet. Learning SEO can be really expensive, but SEMrush took the initiative to provide certification programs for FREE.

Imagine getting certified by SEMrush, the leading SEO company. This certificate has a super value in the industry. You can easily get a job or start some consultation programs helping others reach their goals.

Join SEMrush academy and be a PRO for FREE of cost and dominate the search results.

Thanks SEMrush for this awesome program initiative:)

SEMrush Pricing and Plans 

After knowing its benefits and going with the SEMrush review you must be looking at how to buy it and what are the plans available for it?

You can look down to know what are the different plans and features it has-

SEMrush pricing
SEMrush Pricing

How Useful SEMrush Is For Beginners?

To drive your website, it is very essential to make use of the best or the right strategies. Doesn’t matter you are new or a PRO. Having a tool like SEMrush is an absolute time saver.

If you hire a freelancer or an SEO expert to perform all the above actions, then you will be charged more than 2000$ to 5000$. Also, every SEO expert will also use the same tool to provide you the data. Then why not use SEMrush and let it do the entire job for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Greg Gifford is giving a free course of keyword research.

Customer Support

There can be at times you do not make it happen to use or stuck in middle of something, SEMrush customer service is available to you in every possible manner.

You can call/chat/drop an e-mail to ask your query. They have the utmost support system to manage your tasks and to reach your goals. You can even drop your query on their Facebook groups.

Also, read top 20 features of GrooveFunnels explored.


Below are the most popular questions asked about SEMrush

What Is SEMrush?

SEMrush is one of the powerful tools at present time for website owners to track visibility It helps people to grow their business organically

Is SEMrush Available For Free?

SEMrush is available FREE for 14 days of a free trial. With this, you can make the maximum use of it.

Is SEMrush Useful?

SEMRush is known as one of the powerful SEO tools that helps your business to grow organically and stay ahead of your competitors. To improve ranking over the web what can be the better option than SEMrush.

How Can SEMrush Be Set Up?

SEMrush can be set up easily. Once you signup for a FREE trial, there are a lot of tutorial which you can refer to.

how to cancel semrush frial trial account?

To cancel your subscription, go to your account dash board, and click on ‘Subscription info’ and click on cancel. Also, you may click on this link and fill the form to cancel


That comes to the end of SEMrush review and I have tried my best to cover all the key areas. SEMrush is definitely a great tool in the market which helps you to stay ahead of your competitors and grow your business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop in the comments sections. Also, share this post in your circle so that it will be beneficial for others as well.

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