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URL Shortener- Top 6 Unknown features every online business should start using.

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URL shortener, you might have heard about this terminology but haven’t utilized it to a full extend. If you are not using an URL shortener, then you are losing something big in your business. Wondering why? In this article, I will be explaining the importance of using an URL shortener and how it can help your business to grow to the next level. Also, we will be seeing some of the great features of our own URL service

What is a URL Shortener?

I am not going to explain the technical details about URL shortener and how it works, but a simple definition is, a service that will help in converting a long URL to Short URL.

Have you ever thought about why your links are not getting any clicks? Despite doing advertising, SEO, email marketing, paid social media campaigns, your link might not get the expected clicks. Wondering why? the simple answer is no one likes to click on Long, Ugly, and spammy looking links even though the links are not spam.

Shortening of an URL  is very important in any online business. No matter whether you are an email marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, social media marketer, or any ads specialist.  If you are not shortening your links then you are losing some serious business. Want to know why? let see some examples.

What happens if an URL is not Shortened

Example:-1.You are an affiliate marketer and you want to promote a product via social media channels or ads. Now you may get your affiliate link from websites like warrior plus, ClickBank or jvzoo. For this example, I am going to take an affiliate link of a product from Clickbank.

url shortener 1 URL Shortener- Top 6 Unknown features every online business should start using.
Sample affiliate URL from click bank before URL Shortener

This is an affiliate link. Now if you look at the link, you will clearly understand:

  1. The Link looks spammy
  2. The link looks soo ugly
  3. The link is too long
  4. Also, the link doesn’t communicate what it is about
  5. The only thing the link clearly shows is that you are promoting a Clickbank product.

Now if you promote this link to thousand people, do you think they will click and purchase the product?

The simple answer is NO. 99% of the people will not click on this link because it looks so spammy.

Moreover, advertising platforms like Facebook, Google ads will immediately suspend your account when their bot detect this url.

Example:-2 You are an email marketer and you are promoting similar products via an email client using the above link (shown in the example-1)

You will draft an email putting all the hard work and with the best copywriting skills, and adding this link (shown in the above example)in the mail. Now when you hit SEND button, do you know what happens next? Simply this email will go into the spam/promotion tab and later the email autoresponder company may even ban you from using their services to avoid such spam emails.

It doesn’t matter if you have high copywriting skills or you use the best email autoresponder or you have your own SMTP server. If you use a lengthy, ugly-looking URL directly in the email, then you are marked as a spammer.

Many email companies like Google, Hotmail, etc have a strong AI bot that is capable of scanning the mail content and decide them as spam or promotion or let go inside the primary inbox. Uncloaked URL is one of the reasons why mails go inside spam or promotional folders and it is a big red flag.

Now you may ask me what is the solution for this?

The only solution to overcome this kind of situation is to shorten the URL(which means cloaking the URL). That is where the power of URL Shortener comes in.

For any online business, always cloak the URL and make it look small and meaningful.

Now you may ask, Is that the only benefit of using an URL Shortening service?

The answer is NO. You can do a lot more. Let us look at some of the main features.

Benefits of URL Shortener

Simple Short & Clean URL

The below image shows how a long URL is turned into a short and smart URL. The shorten link clearly tells what this link is about. This will urge people to click on your link and thus you will get more link clicks. This means the affiliate URL is cloaked.

This will increase the CTR to an extend.

url shortener
Long vs Shorten URL


It is very easy to manage all your URLs in one place. This is because if you want to update your URL, then you don’t have to change every URL individually. Instead, just change the clocked URL (or shortened URL ) from the tool. This will save a lot of time.

I would like to explain this with an example. Let’s say you have a blog and you have provided 10 links throughout your post. Now if you want to update the link, then you need to update it 10 times. Using a URL shortener, you can manage all your links in one place without editing the post and thus saves a lot of time.

Custom Branded Links

 Add your own custom words towards the end of the domain so that, it is easy for others to understand. In the below image you can see that I have added “Keto” as the custom Alias, so the shortened URL will be This also gives clarity on what this link is about.

url shortener
URL Shortening screen

Custom Domain Branding.

It is important to look professional to have any link associated with your own domain brand name. This will increase more trust and you get more clicks on the link. You can simply call it masking the link. Check the below example, how the same Clickbank URL shortened to my own custom domain

url shortener
Custom Domain feature in URL Shortener

To connect your custom domain, all you have to do is to create A record and set the value to You will get all the instructions in the dashboard once you log in.

URL Shortener Dashboard & Detailed Link Tracking

This is the dashboard that you see every time when you log in to your URL shortener account. It gives an overview of the links based on clicks, location, and devices.

url shortener
url shortener dashboard

Now if you want to get in-depth analytics on your link clicks then click on the corresponding link which takes you to the below screen. This shows A to Z details that give you a clear picture of your ideal customer.

url shortener
url shortener analytics

When you select a link from the dashboard then details statistics are displayed for each link. (As shown in the above image). This clearly gives a comparison between total clicks and unique clicks which helps you to analyze the clicks.

url shortener
url shortener in depth analytics

Moreover, also gives in-depth analytics about the geolocation of the clicks received operating systems and the devices used by the users. Based on this you can run your marketing campaign based on these analytics.

Isn’t it simply awesome?

This clearly tracks and gives a detailed analytics and you can retarget them with help of pixels in the same tool.

Build a custom audience with help of Pixels.

In case if you don’t know what a pixel is. A pixel is a tracking tool that tracks different actions performed on your website by visitors. It allows you to gather data based on your customer’s action and behavior. With help of pixels, you can re-target a certain audience that has performed certain actions. has this awesome feature that target the audience based on behavior.

URL Shortener pixels
URL Shortener pixels

Extra Features of

Now that you have understood the importance of having a URL shortening service and we have seen some of the main benefits of using a URL shortening service.

Now lets look at some of the extra features of


As the name says, you can bundle multiple links under one link.

Headover to bundle section inside the dashboard and click on create bundle

url shortener
URL Shortener bundle

Now select URLs that needs to be added to the bundle.

url shortener
URL Shortener bundle

Once all the URLs are added to the bundle, you will see the list of URLs when you load the bundle URL. This helps you to organize a list of URLs under one roof.

Splash Pages

A custom splash page is a standard page where you can add a banner and an avatar along with a message to represent your brand or company. You can create splash pages and you can choose one for each URL.

overlay pages in url shortener
overlay pages in url shortener

Overlay Pages

An overlay page allows you to display a small non-intrusive overlay on the destination website. With help of these overlay pages, you can advertise your product or your services. You can also use this feature to send a message to your visitors.

You can customize the message and the appearance of the overlay right from this page. As soon as you save it, the changes will be applied immediately across all your URLs.

With help of overlay pages, you can create message popup, contact form and Poll for websites.

url shortener
URL Shortener overlay options


With this feature, you can invite members and create a team to edit links, create splash, overlay, and bundle pages with event permissions. As the name suggests, you can have your own team performing different actions on behalf of you based on the permission you provide them.

url shortener
build teams inside URL Shortener

Go ahead and create your free account now on


I hope by now you know the importance of having an URL Shortener and how effective it is for any online business. Having a long URL will bring down your reputation in any business. Instead have a short, smart, and unique will boost the trust and increase the CTR rate. Also, we have seen some important benefits of having a service like that does more than any URL shortening service by providing features like URL tracking based on Geolocation, operating systems, devices, and many more.

If you have any questions you may drop a comment and I will answer them.

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